Exclusive study by INSEAD and Booz&co

This year again, INSEAD and strategy consultant Booz & Company partner to present during the conference the results of their study on the attractiveness of Europe as it is perceived by international Business Leaders.

The study will be based on three main sources: thorough data research, in-depth interviews with European thought leaders and a survey sent to approximately 60,000 executives in and outside of Europe.

Next to overall perceptions of the European project, the study explores five main themes: the economic, social and innovation dimensions of the EU as well as the perception of the EU from the perspectives of the youth generation and the BRICS countries.

The content of this study will be released and debated by a panel of European Senior Executives during the State of the European Union Conference on May 31st, 2012. The study will also be available here for download after the conference.

Download the 2011 study here.