In 2020, Bitdefender is a go-to antivirus if you place flexibility and user-friendliness first. However, compared to a number of the leaders such as Kaspersky and Norton, it is much less effective against modern-day dangers. In addition to this, its Mac and mobile programs are rather limited, and of course entry-level plans only pay for the Windows OS.

We are not saying that Bitdefender is a terrible antivirus product — far from that. Nonetheless, if you are in the market for the best possible defense, you may want to appear elsewhere.

Read the entire review to learn the particulars. Protection against all possible attacks — that is the #1 concern of any antivirus solution.

With the Bitdefender antivirus, you get access to a long list of attributes, including webcam security, password manager, a VPN, parental controls, along with a firewall, to name a few. What is more important, it performs decently in various third-party laboratory tests. Nowadays, you won’t be fully protected without advanced anti virus and anti-phishing modules.

Anti-tracking, secure online banking, and encrypted storage also play an integral role in maintaining the cybercriminals at bay. First, we’ll have a look at how Bitdefender performs against the most common threats.

Then, we’ll go over the additional features and have a look at the independent laboratory test results. As a top-10 antivirus, Bitdefender implements many advanced anti virus protection methods.

Mainly, it’s a scanner that works 24/7 and looks for any known dangers included in the database. This”traditional” scanner is backed up with a so-called”heuristic” monitor. This module detects behavioral indicators and requires a different approach to virus detection and removal.

Every time a new potentially malicious file is detected, it is automatically uploaded into the corporation’s servers. Once an update is prepared, it’s delivered to each single Bitdefender user around the world. In general, 500 million programs are running this antivirus program.A fast note: if you do not like the notion of a third-party program collecting data from your device, you can turn off that at any moment.

The exact same is true for nearly every feature of this item. Just go to Settings, pick a features/module you do not enjoy, and closed it off. Additionally, the users can change to a Gamer or Picture mode, which will eliminate any pop-ups and other interruptions from the antivirus program. Last but not least, Bitdefender comprises a rescue environment characteristic.

It uses a hidden sector on the hard drive (or SSD) to establish a complete scan of the system and fight malware while being unnoticed. Of course, it must only be used while the program can not eliminate infection with offline and real-time modules. When it comes to phishing protection, Bitdefender is one of the leaders. With industry-leading benefits in third party lab tests, you may be certain that this antivirus will protect you from bogus sites, malicious hyperlinks, login-password stealers. In this regard, it’s nearly on par with Kaspersky, ESET, and McAfee, largely thanks to real time analysis. Here’s how phishing works: it takes advantage of the consumer’s carelessness and tips them into visiting fake copies of legit websites.