AntiVirus Review

Antivirus is as important as ever for protecting your computer against threats, but should you need to pay to keep safe?

We have a look at the features you may expect to find on both paid and free software, in addition to the benefits of Microsoft Windows 10 Security, formerly called Windows Defender, and if you want antivirus on a Mac.

Paid Anti-virus Software

Top defense: Comprehensive defence against fraudsters, viruses, plus anti-phishing to prevent scammers

Flexible: Pay a little extra to pay for multiple devices

Useful extras: Identity protection, parental controls, backup and tune-up tools

Lots of men and women keep their computer safe by paying for a security package (nearly half of Which? Members, based on our latest survey), which will usually consist of antivirus software, security against scams and a firewall. Based on the number of devices you need to protect, your security bundle is very likely to cost between #20 and #60 for a year.

Paid-for security software suites, including Norton Security Deluxe and McAfee Antivirus Plus, frequently consist of extra features including parental controls and resources such as maintenance, backup and recovery which could help you restore your computer in the event of an emergency. Usually, they also have better customer service and technical support than free internet security.

So if there is a specific feature or function you need, be sure that the program you download has it. Most brands have choices for only 1 device or, for more money, multi-user licences so that you can install the exact same protection on a couple of computers in your dwelling.

Some also let you pay additional up-front for a further couple of years of cover.

Free Anti-virus Software

Key features: Anticipate all of the essentials to be covered, such as security against malware

Powerful security: Free tools frequently perform no worse at heart protection compared to the paid alternative

Mix and match: Added free tools can fill the gaps.

Added free tools can fill the gaps.

Based on the kind of computer you have, it may already come with specific security features installed on it. By way of instance, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 PCs come equipped with Microsoft Windows 10 Security (Defender) — see more below. This is an adequate base-level of security and you can always download additional anti virus, anti-spam and PC cleanup applications for additional coverage and protection.

As an alternative, you may download a free antivirus software package to provide an additional degree of security over Defender. Free antivirus packages can generally handle all types of malware and Best Purchase totally free antivirus packages are simpler to use, too. Free antivirus occasionally includes additional features, even though the packages are rather bare bones compared to paid software.